Greet your customers professionally with a VoIP phone system

Effective communication is essential in any business and a quality VoIP phone system plays an important and often larger role than you would think. Realtime communication methods are essential to business and can’t be replaced with the likes of email for one simple reason: time. If something is urgent or time critical you can’t send an email and hope someone will read it quickly and get back to you!

A VoIP phone system (cloud hosted PBX) is not associated with your physical landline or business premises. This means that if you move office, your phone number can move with you. Instead of relying on the default number issued to you by a landline provider, you can secure a quality, easy to remember number (13, 1300 or 1800), or series of consecutive numbers.

Taking control of your phone system allows you to customise and optimise this vital component of your business. Instead of a basic landline and answering machine, a VoIP phone system can be customised to suit your business structure and workflow. For example, you can forward calls to specific people based on the time of day or use a series of voicemail messages that change to suit different situations like Out of Office, After Hours, Busy line etc. You can also program a main phone line to bypass to a secondary office if your primary office is busy. This is particularly useful if your growing business involves working from home or from multiple offices.

Lastly, a VoIP phone system, just like cloud based email, allows your business to continue to communicate in the event of a disaster or emergency situation as your phone numbers are not tied to a physical line. Especially with the rollout of the NBN in Australia, a VoIP phone system is a smart way for a business to future proof and protect their voice communications.

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