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Our mission is to empower your people and your business with technology and to that end we can provide you with a considered response, expert service and trusted advice.

Businesses today run on tight margins in highly competitive markets. This means in order to stay ahead of the competition you need systems that are connected, fit for purpose and most importantly, work for your business not against it.

You can’t afford the loss of productivity caused by non-integrated, non-connected systems. We offer both on-site and remote IT consultation, along with considered responses, expert service and trusted advice.

Allow us to get to know you and your business. We build long term, trusted relationships with our clients and will never treat you like a ticket!

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System Integration.

Integrate your data and your systems

While there are many factors that contribute to the success of businesses; it’s easy to see why data and system reporting/visualisation, have become key factors to success. As most businesses now operate on particularly small margins, it has become more important than ever to increase productivity and narrow in on every potential saving. System integration is key to data visualisation and also has the side benefit of increasing employee productivity.

What do we mean? Well, say you’d like to better understand the customers who purchase from you and how much they spend and how often in order to focus your marketing efforts. Some of that data might be in your finance/billing system, some on your website and some in your sales/CRM system. Without system integration there is no clear way to view or visualise this data. In addition to this, you’re probably paying an employee to enter at least some of that customer information 3 times instead of once!

Another issue that is compounding this problem, is the trend of migrating data to the cloud. Many businesses are migrating their data and systems to the cloud and this is often a great course of action; as it can provide your business with flexibility, better system uptime, lower maintenance costs, better connectivity and is capital-expenditure free. However, many forget to stop and think about system integration. This often leads to a situation where every product/system you use is now completely separate from your other systems and even hosted by separate vendors.

Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help your systems talk to each other!

Email Hosting and Cloud Migration.

Use a professional, branded email address

After you setup your website, the next most important technology item for any business is a professional, branded email address. Many internet and phone providers offer free email addresses with your broadband internet or phone plan; however, you are in business for one reason… to sell your product/service, not theirs! For a business wanting a professional image and strong branding, you need your own domain name. What do we mean? Well here’s an example:

Imagine you, John Smith, are a builder trying to win a contract. Your business name is Smith and Co. Master Builders. What do you think your client will perceive of your company when you email them the quote from:

For the cost of a latté or two a month, doesn’t this look more professional?

Besides the branding and image considerations, a custom domain/branded email provides portability between internet/phone providers. You can then shop for the best bargain for internet or phone services rather than being stuck with a provider simply because you don’t want to change email addresses.

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